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Word Sense copywriting will bring clarity and purpose to all your business and corporate communications - brochures, product launches, rebranding campaigns, press releases, advertorials, tenders, proposals and website content.

In today's information-rich world, written communication is in extraordinary and excessive abundance. Unfortunately, quantity does not equate to quality and too often we are expected to wade through business messages that are long, unnecessarily complex, pumped with corporate jargon and do not clearly express key points and benefits.

It’s not surprising then that so much information fails to impress or influence its target audience.

Getting it right is crucial: what you say, and how you say it in written communications to your clients and staff, impacts hugely on your key business areas - sales, market share, public profile, media presence and team culture.

Choose the right words and your company has the potential to influence a thousand thoughts: plunge a key message into a pool of jargon or ill-chosen words and your communication will sink into oblivion.

One perfect word


Leading New Zealand

tender and proposal

writing by highly-experienced tender writers - a key to winning contracts

Writing for all external, customer focused

marketing material

Including brochures, reports, web text, press releases, newsletters and much more...

Well-written process and procedures documentation makes for effective

internal communications

and increases productivity